Meet the Principal

Mrs. Le Tran was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Being an English Learner, school was not always easy. Growing up and attending public schools in Oakland, she discovered that learning takes a lot of determination and that it is truly important to have a growth mindset. Through the encouragement of her wonderful 5th grade teacher, she developed a passion for education. She wanted to also inspire students to realize their potential. Mrs. Tran believes that anyone can achieve anything they set their mind on.

From there, Mrs. Tran attended college at UC Davis. She received a double major in Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Education. Soon after graduating college, she continued her education at UC Davis by getting her Masters and teaching credential. She went on to teach in the Alum Rock School District.

Alum Rock School District has been Mrs. Tran's home school district. Teaching in this district has been extremely rewarding. She has loved being able to teach the students in the Alum Rock Community. Mrs. Tran appreciates the families willingness to collaborate in order to ensure all students' succeed. Seeing the camaraderie within the community, Mrs. Tran's passion is continuously sparked. She is determined to provide Alum Rock's students with the best foundational education!

Mrs. Tran welcomes feedback to continually ensure that all students' are successful!