Dress Code

Uniform Policy

School uniforms are worn at Ben Painter School to create an environment that focuses on school work by the individual and not on individual attire. (See below for specific details!)


Acceptable Top and Bottom


White or burgundy polo shirts or Painter t-shirt

·        Solid navy blue slacks (cotton or twill, etc.)

·        Solid navy walking blue shorts, skorts, skirts, jumper (cotton or twill, and must be fingertip length)

·        Turtleneck- white or burgundy

·        Tights or leggings (can be worn with a skirt) solid navy blue or white

·        Button shirt/blouse- white or burgundy 

·        Jacket and outerwear must be solid in color, and may not contain logos or other markings         

·        Belts are optional, but are recommended to wear with any “bottom” that has belt loops.  Belts must have a simple buckle of a single color.

·        Shoes must be fully enclosed

·        Gloves, beanies, scarves- may be worn outdoors on cold days

·        Jacket and outerwear must be solid in color, and may not contain logos or other markings


Uniforms must fit appropriately


 Not Allowed on Campus


·           No logos or teams

·           No caps or hats



(Navy blue bottoms only)

 No t-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, sleeveless tops

·           No other colors allowed

·           Belts – no chains or spikes

·           Pants – no sagging, denim pants, pajamas, jeans, sweat pants or athletic shorts (nylon or mesh)

·           No sandals, flip flops, open toe shoes, shoes with wheels or slippers

·           Make-up, or spray on hair dye

The school reserves the right at any time to amend the above dress code without the prior warning to the students.   
A letter will be sent home the 1st time a student comes to school out of uniform. The second time, parents will be contacted to bring required clothing to school before the student is admitted to class, if a parent cannot be contacted, or is unable to bring a change of clothes, the student will be given loaners for the day if available.  The third incident will result in a consequence and a parent conference with the principal. Please support our school uniform policy in Compliance with Education Code 35183 and 35294.1.